Engendrov home page

This is the Home Page of engendrov, a chess machine.
Engendrov plays chess with an aprox ELO of 1800

Now it has a graphical interface for windows and linux, but in this moment the win development is stopped... rigth now, the development is on linux.

The Engendrov mailing list

There is a list for suggestions and comments about Engendrov here , So you can use it

Engendrov 0.2.1 released!!

New features:
  • Now you can play with black or white
  • You can choose diferent views of the board
  • There is a list of the movements played
  • New opening book, much greater than previous

New Graphical interface developed!!

The graphical interface is now available, no more text mode play!!

Initial version released

Is ready the first version of engendrov, just in text mode, in a few days, a gui version for linux will be developed

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